Tuesday, June 14, 2011

S.L. Pierce

S.L. Pierce is a novelist who specializes in thrillers. Her first novel, Secrets, is mystery/thriller that is availble now, and she's working on her second novel which will be a psychological thriller and is due out in June. She also has a collection of gritty short-stories calle The Hate.

Please take a moment to check out her website:  http://piercebooks.com/ and blog http://slpiercebooks.blogspot.com/ when you have a chance.

TAS: Let's get the plug out of the way.  Tell us a little bit about the project you are currently promoting - who will be interested and why?

SLP: Secrets is a Mystery/Thriller set in California's Silicon Valley.  Secrets will appeal to any fiction reader who likes a strong female lead and a fast pace.  When I read I skim a lot of the descriptive stuff so, when I write, I leave a lot of that out and focus on the story and the characters.  

TAS: What aspects of being an author do you most enjoy?

SLP: I enjoy the freedom the most.  I choose what to write, where the story goes, everything. 

TAS: What aspects of being an author do you least enjoy?

SLP: Strangely, the freedom is what I like the least also.  There is no one standing over my shoulder saying "Great Job" or stopping me from going down the wrong plot path.  I have to figure that out myself. 

TAS: What moment as an author have you experienced that you are likely to remember 20 years from now (good or bad)?

SLP: The moment I will absolutely remember forever is the first reviewer who read my short story book and told me I was her new Indie favorite.  The stories are rather gritty, not really for everyone, but she 'got me'.  That gave me the confidence to keep going. 

TAS: What bad habits do you have when it comes to writing/promoting your books and/or what do you wish you could do better?

SLP: My bad habit for writing is making excuses why I'm too busy to do it.  It's just fear and I know that.  For promoting, hmmm, that's a tough one.  I'm not a very social person but I find promoting fun because it lets me be social in a way I can't in 'real life'.  

TAS: What is your proudest moment as an author?

SLP: Right now my proudest moment is finishing my second book (not released yet).  The story was incredibly challenging are there were times I just wanted to give up.  But for once in my life I didn't just quit when it got hard.  

TAS: What is your least favorite genre?  Do you feel you could write something that was at least average or better in that genre for the right price?

SLP: My least favorite genre is fantasy.  Which isn't to say I haven't read it.  I have, but I could never write a fantasy book.  I just don't have enough imagination for it.  You would think it would be easier because you can create whatever you need for the story but I just don't have that ability.

TAS: Have you ever written something that made you cringe to imagine your children/parents/significant other reading it?  If so, tell us more.

SLP: I'm laughing to myself right now.  The answer is no but the reason is because I don't even get as far as writing the scene (in my case a sex scene).  The cringe factor stops me.  Oddly enough, my family reading a gruesome murder scene I have written doesn't bother me. 

TAS: If you could ask one question of one author (living or dead) and you would get a detailed, honest answer, who would it be and what would you ask?

SLP: I would ask Laura Ingalls Wilder what her life was like after she married Almanzo?  Was she happy?  The tone of all her books up to getting married were so happy.  But The First Four Years seemed so sad.  It makes me wonder what happened.  

TAS: Is the World a better or worse place in 2011 than it was in 1970 and why do you answer the way you do?

SLP: I would say it is neither better nor worse.  I believe every generation has their version of the best and worst.  In the 70's there were wars, political battles, etc. just like now.  I think the problem today is everything is broadcast the second it happens so it seems like things are worse.  

TAS: What city that you've visited has the most interesting food?  Tell us more.

SLP: Easiest question on here!  Chongqing China.  My husband, mother and I were there as the guest of the family who's daughter my parents hosted as an exchange student.  Fantastic trip, by the way.  But at one dinner they brought in a large platter with a bowl in the middle.  But around the bowl were these cooked baby chickens except they still had heads.  We didn't know what to do with them.   

TAS: Imagine death is rapidly approaching.  Would you prefer to just die instantly without knowing it was coming, or would you like to have 10 minutes to contemplate before the inevitable end?

SLP: I absolutely would not want to know.  I am so afraid of flying, not because of the dying part if we crashed but because I would know it's coming.  Oh, just the thought makes my stomach drop. 

TAS: If you could rewind to when you were 15 years old, knowing everything you know now, and redo your life from that point, would you take the opportunity?  Why or why not?

SLP: Yes, I would but only knowing what I know now.  The reason is because I was a nervous kid.  I was mostly nervous about looking stupid so I never tried anything.  I would go back and try everything I could; plays, sports, etc.  I would take every opportunity that presented itself.


Alison said...

I love these interviews. Best questions ever, and the authors come up with great answers!

Christy said...

LOVE the answer to the last question... if only we all could do that! I am always trying to get my kids to understand that :)

Jacqueline said...

Great interview, as always, Gary. I just finished reading Secrets last night. Great, fast paced book.

S.L. Pierce said...

Hi everyone,
I agree Gary's questions are great. They really made me think!
Thanks for reading Jacqueline!

jennymilch said...

Your books sound great!! Am really excited to check the first one out--congrats!

I read that Rose found Laura a very difficult, withholding mother. So maybe you're right about what came after Ma & Pa. Although that life certainly sounded tough, reading between the lines...

Johanna said...

I love books without pages and pages of description since I tend to skip that too when I read. Can't wait to check out your book!

Kristian said...

Hi Gary, thanks for checking out my blog. I'm following you, as well. Thanks!