Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dean Lappi

I'm pleased to welcome Dean Lappi to this week's blog.  Dean is relatively new to the market, but he is already making a place for himself.  His book - Black Numbers - has a very interesting premise.  I'll allow him to tell you more about it shortly.

He spent some time shopping it before deciding to self-publish and is now working on a second book with a third planned.

One thing that has struck me since I began working with Dean on this interview is that he has a clear and genuine enthusiasm for his writing.  I hope you'll join me in supporting Dean and wishing him the best in his efforts.

Dean has a blog here:

Dean's Black Numbers Blog

And you can read a little more about Dean HERE

Black Numbers is available at most major outlets including Amazon, Apple, Diesel, Barnes and Noble as well as others.

TAS: Let's get the plug out of the way.  Tell us a little bit about Black Numbers - who will be interested and why?
DL: Black Numbers is a dark Fantasy novel where true magic is created through advanced mathematics, and where sexuality is not only the key to the main character's power but also his weakness. I wanted to create a fantasy world that is different, and that pushes the boundaries of the fantasy genre. But despite the darkness of the material, I wanted to make real characters that readers could care about. I hope that readers will enjoy the fantastical and dark themes of a fantasy world populated with character that they can relate to.
TAS: What aspects of being an author do you most enjoy?

DL: The fame and money! :-) Okay, in all seriousness, I enjoy creating a world and populating it with characters that become real to me, and I want to see what happens to them as the story unfolds. I also enjoy connecting with other authors and learning what makes them want to write.  
TAS: What moment as an author have you experienced that you are likely to remember 20 years from now (good or bad)?

 DL: The first time I saw my novel Black Numbers on Apple iBooks, the first retailer where my book appeared. I couldn't believe I was actually looking at my name and book listed on iBooks. I knew I would never forget that moment for the rest of my life.  

TAS: What aspects of being an author do you least enjoy?

 DL: The fame and money! No, wait, I already used that one. Ok, I have to say that until I discovered Smashwords and eBook publishing, I least enjoyed sending out query letters and submission packages to large publishing companies and agents, only to get a generic form letter in return saying my book didn't meet their needs at that time. 

TAS: What bad habits do you have when it comes to writing/promoting your books and/or what do you wish you could do better?
DL: I don't write every day. In fact, weeks can go by where I don't write a word because I get caught up with the complexities of life in general. But when I do write, I often write 10,000 words a week. I don't let this bother me because I write when I feel the need, and that is when my best work comes out.

TAS: Do you have any authors that you try to emulate?  Why or why not?

DL: When I first began writing, I looked at some of my favorite author's books to see how they wrote. But I quickly realized that I didn't want to be like someone else, I needed to create my own style and my own voice, which I think I have done.

TAS: Do you prefer to write when the room is quiet . . . or do you like to have some background noise?

DL:  When I am home writing, I need to be in my office by myself, listening to music, preferably metal. Otherwise I can get easily distracted by the T.V., telephone, etc. But conversely, I can go to a coffee shop and write 5000 words surrounded by the din of strangers in conversation.

TAS: Do you think bestsellers are typically better books than books that don't sell as well?  Why or why not?

DL: I think bestsellers are books that appeal to a large audience, but they aren't necessarily better quality. There are great works of art that are bestsellers, and there are bestsellers that I wouldn't buy for a penny. I also think there are many little-known books that are brilliant but haven't found an audience yet.

TAS: If a movie studio intended to make a film of your book and you had a choice of $1,000,000, but you'd give up all creative rights, or $100,000 and you'd have a large say, which would you take and why?

DL: I know the 'best' answer is to take the $100k and keep your integrity. But to be honest, it would be tough to turn down a cool mil. I would take the million dollars for my first novel/movie deal, and use that as a way to gain power and take more creative control with future book/movie deals.

TAS: Tell us about the most interesting thing you’ve ever eaten.

DL: Oh man, that's a tough one. Since I'm a vegetarian, I don't have any good Food Gone Wild stories. I guess the most interesting thing that I have eaten is vegetarian steak.

TAS: If you could go back in time and spend a 24 hour period at the time of your choosing, what year or event would you choose and why?

DL: I would go back to the day before the Library of Alexandria burned, so I could save as many of the documents as possible. I can only imagine the knowledge that disappeared that day.

TAS: If space aliens landed and said you could come with them to their planet to see wonders beyond wonders . . . but you would never see earth or your friends and family again, would you go?

DL:  Who knows, maybe my family and friends would say "Thank God Dean left, we were sick of him." It would be a bit embarrassing if I turned down the aliens and showed up back at home only to have my friends and family say I was a douchebag for turning the aliens down.

TAS: Would you cut off your right leg for $500,000?

DL: This reminds me of Dr. Evil in Austin Powers when he said he was going to hold the world hostage for $1 million dollars, only to find out that $1 million dollars wasn't much money anymore. I think in today's money, all you will get from me for $500,000 would be a pinky toe. A leg would be worth at least $10M.


Lisa Vandiver said...

Hi, great interview with Dean!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gary--interesting interview with Dean--awesome questions. I hate Math, but this book may make me change my mind,lol. Much luck, Rae

Johanna Garth said...

Great interview Gary! Your questions are always so creative and fun!

Jacqueline said...

Great interview, Gary, and I second what Johanna said. I also have to say I started reading your book and I am enjoying it very much.

Anonymous said...

I like that concept of Magic being both mathmatical and sexual. This tells me that Dean has a real foundation for his magic and that it won't have obvious inconsistencies. I will definitely put this book on my to read list!

Coral Russell said...

Nice interview and the book sounds really interesting too! :)

Claire Chilton said...

Great interview Dean and vege steak! Try a spicy bean burger and you'll find heaven in a bun :D

Dean Lappi said...

One of our favorite restaurants serves black bean burgers and we love them.